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April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013
Wow!  So much has been going on in the last few months, I realized it should best be posted here, on my own website.

There's been a TON of news, and it will take a while to put everything down for a cogent and chronological account, so I will edit this in time.  For now, though, it's important to at least begin.  Patience is requested.

It had always been clear that we needed outcrosses for Barb's cats.  After so many of Barb's cats found new homes, the time came for us to adopt out some of our own precious babies. So I was delighted when we found wonderful homes for some of our favorite Bizans and Azima cats.  

Explorer boy Ferdinand MaGellin's photos attracted the attention of a professional photographer on Long Island.  No, it's not because my photos were so good but that this photographer has an EYE and could instantly see right into the soul of this, my favorite boy.  He now lives her, and she is as over the moon for this precious boy as I have been.  I couldn't be happier for MaGellin' or for this wonderful new friend I've made of his new owner!

Azima's Flash Dancer and her remarkable son, Bizans' Red Star Dancer found a home with a wonderful young of family in Pennsylvania.  Red Star enjoys being dragged around the house by his adoring little 3-year-old "master," while Flash girl has taken to cuddling with their newest addition, a tiny, young whippet dog!  The family allowed me to borrow Red Star back for an exhibition in the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in October 2012 ( just one week before Hurricane Sandy hit).  Red Star's bright red color and classic markings couldn't help but catch eyes against all the turquoise and gold decorations in our booth. And he is just the coolest, most charismatic guy around! You can soon check the Photos page under the heading Meet the Breeds for a few photos taken of the events each of the 4 years I've attended.

Another favorite cat who found a new home is Barb's Abra.  Abra was featured in Cats 101, sitting in the gentleman's lap when they explained that TAs talk a lot.  Abra was the mother of Mira and Legacy, whom I will discuss below, but also of a trio of kittens I bred after Barb died. Her son Kazandibi is still with us, and I'll discuss him below, too.  Abra herself is living in an amazing new home!  I couldn't be happier, for her, for her new mom, and for her new mom's daughter.  See, the daughter contacted me to say that her 97-year-old mother (!) had recently lost a cat she had adopted from Barb many years ago, and now nothing but another of Barb Azan'sTurkish Angoras would suffice.  Well, what a match that made for Abra!  It was tearful leave-taking on my part, but she couldn't be in a better place! Abra's new moniker is Lola, because, as her new owner says, "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets."  (This is the name of a song from the Broadway musical "Damn Yankees," about a middle-aged man who sold his soul for a second chance at becoming a New York Yankees baseball pitcher.  The devil's tempting emissary is Lola.)   Lola the cat is now living farther north than NYC -- in a seniors' assisted living home just outside of Boston with her now-99-year-old mom!  I'll upload photos of her in her new digs, too.

Abra's daughter Az-Miras had a couple of litters of kittens with us, and she was spayed and recently adopted by a fascinating new mom who has spent years as a medical person in a very remote part of Alaska.  Mira's owner recently relocated to North Carolina and still makes quarterly visits to continue to help the people in Alaska.  She's writing a book about the amazing cat she had in Alaska. I'll fill in with details later.

Mira's brother Little Legacy also found a new home in Minnesota!  I'll supply photos and details of this situation soon, too. Everyone is all healthy and happy!

Well, with so many of our adults placed , it was time to turn our attentions in earnest to breeding.  It has always been obvious to me that any studs we would use needed to be as outcrossed as possible (always Turkish Angoras, of course; but from more distant lines).

Well, maybe not all.  We still have strong emotional ties to Barb's lines, so I was so happy to take a young black smoke boy from my friend Karen Delmont of HylanderClan Turkish Angoras.  She named the boy The Last Survivor because he was the only living kitten in his litter.  He is healthy and happy and loving -- and living in our home.  Survivor's mother is Posy, Blossom's sister, and she was the white beauty sleeping on a golded baby blue quilt featured in Cats 101 and in several humorous photos Barb took that were special to both me and Karen, so I took him (Survivor), knowing that somehow I would breed him to a very outcrossed girl.

To that end, in early October 2012 we arranged to import a brother and sister from a Facebook breeder friend in Moscow, Russia.  We needed the boy for our Azima girls, and the girl was a last-minute addition I made when I realized that she would be the perfect match for Survivor!  I'm so glad we got both!  We got the girl, Frigga, right away in October.  The odd-eyed white boy we sent on to Florida for Karen Delmont to keep for us for a few months.  Karen nicknamed him Sultan, and he is sweet and and happy and typey.  He will be wonderful for our color girls.  The sister, Frigga,a blue-eyed white, is beyond everything I could have hoped for!  She has developed to look like a younger version of Blossom, the exquisite blue-eyed girl who graces our logo.  Several attempts at breeding our beautiful Blossom have not resulted in kittens, so Frigga is one of my huge hopes for the future.  The genes we'll get by breeding her to Survivor should be AWESOME! 

This is all I can write now.  Lots more to talk about.  Thanks for your patience -- and forgiveness for this rough writing.


April 30, 2013
I'd not added anything to the blog, but now, at the end of April 2013, I'm finding it a good idea.  I'll fill in many of the intervening goings-on later, but for now this is a place-holder, as I catch up more recent (and more exciting) events. 
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Shows, Cage Curtains

April 25, 2009

Hi, all.  My first blog E-V-E-R !!!  (I know it will be rough, but at least I'll get to edit it.)

I've been to a couple of cat shows as Bizans!!! 

There are about five official associations for cats that sponsor cat shows.  These organizations, I have come to realize, are necessary for the breeds to have a definitive ideal look AND a way to ensure the purity of the breed and, in a way, birth defects, etc.  For now I have chosen to participate with the two largest ones, CFA and TICA.  I had gon...
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