Bizans Turkish Angoras - Animal Planet Details

Cats 101  Details

Some of our babies are TV stars!  At the time they were filmed, they were owned by and filmed at the home of our mentor, Barbara Azan, Azima Turkish Angoras in the autumn of 2008 for Animal Planet's Cats-101 segment on Turkish Angoras.  Hers are the ones you see in a few shots in which a medium-blue, patterned slipcover is in the background.  

Amy is basking in an oddly shaped window with trees blowing in the background. Abra is the smoke-colored one in close-up of her face and in the lap of a young man's and demonstrating that Turks "talk a lot."  Misty Rose and Amy lie head to head atop the blue-patterned sofa.  Posy is the  blue-eyed white beauty standing on the couch and later asleep on a blue patched quilt.  

Several are in a group shot:  Amy is playing in the foreground when Gilda jumps in on top of her.  In the same shot, Camille sitting at the left,  Flash on the base of the cat tree, Posy sitting on the end table, and Classy Lady on the floor are all watching in the background.  In another shot, Ellie Gantz is helping Gilda and Amy to untie someone's shoes.

The beautiful cats at play with the little girl around the light blue sofas and in front of the white backdrop belong to my friend Iris Tanner, who also comments on these and other breeds throughout the Cats 101 series.

Most of Barb's cats lived in our home for a time after her passing and now belong to breeder friends and special pet owners, but we still have Flash and Ellie Gantz in our home, along with two or three others that Barb owned who didn't make it on film.

You can learn a lot about Turkish Angoras from the program, but ask questions about it when you speak with a breeder.