Bizans Turkish Angoras






Bizans' Diadem
born 4/5/2011


Our Diadem boy is a huge personality in our house.  He is very enthusiastic in everything he does, whether it's greeting us in the morning and when we come home, jumping on our shoulders for rides or just to hang out, loving on us and cuddling, or playing with the other cats in the house.  He is probably the most athletic cat in the house -- long, tall, lean, strong.... 

(Oops!  Is my jealousy showing?)

Here are a few photos of our precious boy.


Please note:  The first five photos were taken by
a professional photographer and friend, Lisa Nicolosi. 
Please do not reproduce them.




As you can tell, Diadem's eyes are a beautiful shade of what they call gooseberry -- a lovely, pale, dreamy shade of green.  I find them mesmerizing.  And the boy who wears them is a pure delight.



HylanderClan's Ashley
born 10/18/07
Ashley's owner has asked me to help place her in a new home.  You can easily see her intensely green eyes, and they are even more beautiful in person.  She's one of those "people" who simply doesn't like her picture taken.  She has come to expect a flash when she sees me approach with a small black box in my hand and she takes to scowling, so photos of her face often are not flattering.  But trust me, she is one gorgeous Turkey girl!


As in a mature adult Turkish Angora, Ashley's fur is of the extra fine hair, thick and lush overall, and features that dazzling full ruff around her neck and the full plume tail that Turkish Angoras are known for.  Her color is what we call black smoke, which means that it looks like she has black fur until it moves or "splits" and you see the white at the base of each strand of hair.  
I will bet that if Ashley could speak, she would say that she would prefer to be in a home with fewer cats and kittens than ours -- like one other animal -- or none.  She far enjoys people to cats and less activity than in a home with many people or animals.  She is quiet and seems to prefer seeking out attention (which she does do) than having it "thrust" upon her.

She has put on a few pounds that she could stand to lose; unfortunately the way feeding is set up in our cattery, it is too difficult to accomplish.  We hope her new owner(s) will set her right.

I will add more photos of her if she will cooperate.