Bizans Turkish Angoras - Candid Photos

Candid Photos-1

Schnecken, from the Just Desserts litter, now a cherished pet in Philadelphia, PA. 

Barb's pride, and ours:  Blossom.  She was in one of Barb's  ads,  and she is in our logo,  from this photo!

Blossom somehow comfortable, balanced on the plasma TV. 

Crystal Legacy, Blossom's daughter,  in the show ring -- her first show, I think! 

Crystal coming for the camera! 

Emmaline (Emma) from the first litter born in our house.   She's now a treasured pet in Northern Virginia.

A photo taken by Barb Azan at her house.  Abra is mom; kittens are Amy, Camille, and the unmistakable Flash Dancer. 

One of the Explorer Boys, born of Lord Byron and Emma. 

Explorer Boy Leap Ericsson, a classic tabby ("bullseye" tabby), now proud daddy in The Netherlands.

My Kiri.  

Midnight Wonder, now called Lucky in Germany.  Proud mom to beautiful kittens. 

 Blossom looks like the fierce, protective mom, eh?  She's actually telling me, "Enough of this little twerp!  Give ME some attention NOW!!!"

And here's Blossom's won, Twerp (Bizans' Sweet William) when he was a kitten.  Luckily he got his mom's eyes!!! 

Blossom's fine self at Barb's house.  

Blossom's on TV!  I don't know why she thinks that's comfortable -- it's a narrow TV! 

Kazandibi, Schnecken's brother.  Son of Abra and Cammy.  He loves to ride on our shoulders. 

Six cats trying out the new cat tree! 

Champion Dibi (Kazandibi) 

Champion Golden Jaspurr, formerly Russell, now Liam Jr., delighted to be a pet in his new home in Cincinnatti, Ohio.  

Little Legacy and his sister Champion Az-Miras, the last litter Barb Azan bred, born at our home 3 weeks after she passed away.

Dibi just being adorable.  



Why stop a good thing?  AIRBORNE III! 

Twerp as a younger kitten.  Too cute! 

Little Legacy
Now in a loving home in North Carolina.

Blossom, waiting to give birth.  Those EYES!! 

Explorer Boy Ferdinand MaGellin'

He LOVES having that tummy rubbed.


This is Prince Charles, now called Charlie, is now living in Phoenix, AZ, with his sister, Princess Charmante, now called Lily.

The new cat tree.

"Inspected by Number 28 ... and 29 and 30 and 31 and 32 and 33 and 34."

Cat Tree Inspectors hard at work. 

Explorer Boy Ferdinand MaGellin',

now a happy pet on Long Island, New York

Ron Weasley, father of Golden Jaspurr and Gold Rush.   Ronnie is now Liam, & he lives very happily with his son Jaspurr (now LJ for Liam Junior!) in Cincinnatti, Ohio. 

I hope you don't mind.  This isn't my kitten, but I just had to include this photo taken by Barb Azan at her home. 

The first litter born at our house.  L to R:  Brutus, now in Florida; Li'l Honey, now in Alabama; Emma, with us!; Studmuffin, sent to Singapore.


How can he possibly be comfy on a narrow curtain rod?  

This is when we decided to add catwalks all around Ken's bedroom.  All of the cats LOVE it!

Cammy again.  Sleeping while straddling the span between my monitor and the computer.  

Weird cat! 

One of the Explorer Boys. 

Another Explorer Boy. 

My Kiri. 


Champion Az-Miras, with her sleeping brother, Little Legacy,  at the left.

An Explorer Boy killing something. 

Twerp Boy, telling his mom, Blossom, some secret.  

Kazandibi being adorable again.