Bizans Turkish Angoras - Flash's Boys


Flash's Kittens

Cosmic Latte 


Red Star Dancer


Cosmic Latte is above.  We'll take fancier and more up-to-date photos of him SOON.

Red Star Dancer is to the right.  Photo is by Richard Katris and is copyrighted. 

Born September 1, 2010.

Both of these boys are "classic tabbies," meaning that their "tabby-ness" is expressed in 

bulls' eyes instead of stripes on their sides.  Fun!  

  We are keeping Red Star for breeding, and Cosmic Latte as a pet.  I'm showing them here so you can see what beautiful cats we have and what wonderful kittens they produce.

You may want to check with me for kittens anyway as my friends often have cats and kittens, 

and I can help direct you to them.



Latte boy LOVES to ride around on Ken's shoulders and is with him ALL THE TIME.  His little shadow. That's why Ken can't bear to let him go.  

Cosmic Latte

As soon as our white-headed baby was born, Cosmic Latte's name jumped to Ken's mind.  FYI, "cosmic latte" is the name given to "the average color of the universe" by astronomers at Johns Hopkins University (in nearby Baltimore, Maryland). 

Ken's into the cosmos.  I'm into coffee, especially lattes.  So that name worked.  

Ken calls him Cosmic.    I call him Latte. 

But he doesn't answer to either name.   Oh, well.