Bizans Turkish Angoras

Cats Who Have Graced Our Home

 There have been some wonderful little lives and personalities who have graced our home since we began raising and breeding Turkish Angoras in 2007.  Here I share some photos of the tender and hilarious moments we have been blessed to enjoy so you can see part of the reason we do this.

We can't forget ANY the beautiful cats and kittens who were born in our home or who passed through on their ways to permanent homes.  We have loved ALL of them.  They have given us such JOY and laughter for many months, and our hearts warm to think of them being cherished members of other families, and indeed our hearts followed them to their new homes.

Our First Litter 

for Azima Turkish Angoras

born Valentine's Day, 2007

Mother Azima Allegra, father HylanderClan Purr-Ever

In an attempt to stop Ken from referring to the boys as "she" and "her," I named them Stud (short for Stud Muffin) and Brutus.  We always laughed at the visual contrast of those names with the precious, squealing, squirming tiny bundles of furry love and curiosity.

Emma (short for Emmaline) was named for the M on her forehead, and Li'l Honey -- well, she was just that, a li'l honey girl, with the softest, sweetest little face and demeanor.

Left to right:  Brutus, Li'l Honey, Emma, and Stud -- the most beautiful and outgoing personality of the bunch.  It was SO HARD to let them go that we kept Emma for two years, and she was the fabulous mom to a latter litter, the Explorer Boys.

Azima's Kaby

(for Kiri's Baby)

born 3/28/08

A special heart-kitten of Sue's since his mom is her heart cat.  Kaby is now making stunning, award-winning babies in Rome, Italy.


Above, at 6 weeks old.

Right, at 7 months old, winning Best Longhaired Kitten in a show ring on Halloween, 2008.