Bizans Turkish Angoras - Litters from Our Past

Our Past Litters

Emma, mother of the Explorer Boys! 

This beautiful girl is from my Byzantine litter and was so very special to me in that litter.  She was the first or second one born and the very instant she was born, her markings clearly demanded her name:  Mosaic!  Mosaics were a major art form used by the Byzantines.  You might notice it is the background in our logo.  Now called Missy, she is owned by another breeder and good friend, Kathy Stokey-Dillon, of Sunbriar Turkish Angoras.   Missy is such a lover!  (Yeah, I know. Another one!)

This photo makes her look HUGE, but she's not.  The young lady holding her is small, and Missy has a lot of long fur.  She's now had a couple of litters of her own. 

The Explorer Boys at 5 weeks old. All together now:  "Aaaaaaawwwwww!"


My "Just Desserts" litter:

Krem Karamel (Mellie),  CH Kazandibi (Dibi),  and  Schnecken.  
Here they are at just a couple of days old.