Bizans Turkish Angoras


Azima's Little Legacy of Bizans 

Born December 5, 2008

Legacy is on the left above; Mira, his sister, is on the right. 

When my mentor, Barbara Azan, passed away, among the first cats I removed from her house was Azima's Abra, who was obviously pregnant.  Barely two weeks later Abra gave birth to Little Legacy and his sister, Az-Miras ("little legacy" in Turkish) at our home.  Their names are to honor Barb because they were the last litter she bred.  

These two babies were a big dose of joy that we needed at that time, and they have continued to be a source of much love and laughter.

Little Legacy (on the left) and his sister, Az-Miras.  Weren't they adorable kittens? 

Little Legacy

as a beautiful adult.

Far and away the BEST coat in our house is worn by Legacy boy!  WOW!  Thick and rich!  

Since he was neutered two years ago, Legacy has been gaining weight, so while he looks huge in his adult photos below, he's only "half huge."  To paraphrase a humorous greeting card's sentiment, Legacy is not all fat; he's fluffy!  

Frankly, to give him a separate diet would require too much work for us -- or to isolate him from the rest of the crowd, and I can't do that to him.  He is such a gregarious guy, he needs to be with people and other animals.

This means that whoever adopts our boy will be responsible for putting him on a good, healthy diet and returning him to the slim, athletic guy he once was and should be again.