Bizans Turkish Angoras





      Oh, wow.  This is the REALLY HARD part!  I HATE HATE HATE giving up these babies!!!  But to accomplish the goal of making people and cats happy, increasing the population of this incredible (and incredibly rare) breed for the world, and improving the gene pool, as much joy as they give me, I accept that my heart must hurt, too.  I am SO IN LOVE with ALL of these guys.

       If you are interested in any of them, please know that they are all precious to my heart, I will screen prospective owners carefully, and I want to keep in touch for pictures and to learn about their lives.  I could never just completely "let go" of these babies.  By the time I pass any one of these guys on, I hope to be friends with the person who will love them for the rest of their lives.

       To inquire about any of them, just ask by email or our phones listed on the Contact Us page, and I'll send you an invitation to view a Picasa collection of photos on a specific kitten or cat.  You'll be able to see most of them from kittenhood to today.  They're a real blast.



We have 2 more adults available; just no time at the moment for all the photos and posting.

Please contact us for information.

More young adults available very soon.  



     Yes, we finally have kittens once again!  They have been so very much fun - and still are.  Later for your enjoyment, I will post photos of all 8 kittens from 3 litters (they are altogether too cute not to share with you), but it will be most helpful for you to see who is available now. 

 I always knew they were good at playing together, loving their moms, etc., but this is the first time I've seen all of them fall totally in love with people, all nearly at once. 



On the Available Adults page, I am currently featuring Diadem (amber-eyed white boy) and Ashley (black smoke spayed girl).  We have 2 more adults available; just no time at the moment for all the photos and posting. 

Please contact us for information.



Azima's Flash Dancer of Bizans

To see lots more photos of Flash, click here 


Yes, her eyes really are that green, and hopefully they convey how incredibly sweet she is!  They're not wide open in these photos because of the -- er -- flash! 



Born May 26, 2008, Flash was a kitten in early autumn, when Animal Planet's Cats 101 cameras caught a glimpse of her in the background in one of the scenes.  Like all cats in Azima's line, Flash is a sweetheart!  Her new owner will have to be special because, well, Flash herself is and she was one of Barb's cats.



UPDATE: Our Flash girl and her son, Red Star Dancer, have found a wonderful home with three sons and a whippet in Pennsylvania. My next task is to begin a new page about our placements, with photos of our babies thriving in their forever homes. I will then remove MaGellin' and Flash from this page.  Sorry; just no time right now.


Azima's Little Legacy of Bizans

To see lots more photos of Legacy, click here

Not to be outdone by his half-sister, Flash (above), Legacy can "flash" his own bedroom eyes, with their liquid depths of a different shade.

Legacy has the thickest, silkiest fur (natural microfiber), but he is also the only one in the house to be packing a couple of extra pounds.  Whoever gets this boy will have to put him on a diet to get him back to fightin' weight.  Trust me, though, he's no fighter, but the ultimate lover boy, the big lunk!  In fact, his character more nearly matches his voice -- surprisingly high-pitched and sweet.

 Update:  Legacy has found a new, loving home, too! 

He is being his own sweet self, cuddling and talking and following her new owners Pat and her husband
wherever they go in their wonderful home in Wisconsin.


Bizans' Ferdinand MaGellin' 

To see lots more photos of MaGellin', click here 

UPDATE:  MaGellin' has found his PERFECT forever home, and I couldn't be happier for both his new owner and MaGellin' himself.  Now my smile for them is bigger than the hole he has left in my heart.  Congratulations, Lisa and MaGellin'!  The beauty of this is that Lisa and I have become good friends, and I will be seeing them for YEARS in the future -- which makes me happy for ME!

I'm leaving this information about MaGellin' on this site just because I love him       so much and want to show him off.

MaGellin' and his three brothers were named for famous New World explorers, with obvious twists on their names.  MaGellin' has spent hours and hours stretched out in my arms while I've watched TV, so new owners will have to be very special, too.

More young adults available very soon.