Bizans Turkish Angoras - Kittens



Joker's Wild


Ace of Spades

These two adorable boys are available now for forever homes!  At almost five months old, they have all the energy and playfulness anyone wants from a kitten.  And LOVING?!  Oh, man!!!  These guys are so much fun and so sweet!   

I'm helping their breeder to place these babies and am happy to show them off here.  I wish I could take some of the credit for their wonderfulness, but my friend Kathy Stokey-Dillon and her daughter Martha did all the "hard work" of making these kittens just as SWEET as they can be, and they succeeded  -- 

well, in Spades!

Kathy just offered another pun:  If someone buys both kittens, this playful Pair will make your home feel like a Full House!

(Are you smiling or groaning?)

Joker's Wild  

Joker is a wonderful little guy!  Simply the most delightful kitten!  Playful and curious, he has the Turkish Angora inability to look anything but elegant, even when he's playing -- and I have the videos to prove it!  He can be found mostly on people, and those people describe him as "warm." Also loving and sweet -- and plenty playful when he's not loving on you or sleeping on you.  

Martha loves to "pour" him -- gently hold him by his back legs as he slowly pours himself front feet first onto the floor in one long "drip."  Photos from his first cat show show just how long he is!

Ace of Spades 

You pick up Ace, and his whole body goes limp.  He just melts into you and is ready and happy to go wherever you want to go -- or stay.  He keeps his head up to look around, all interested in you or just taking in everything he sees.  Well, unless he falls asleep!  Just so long as he's in your arms or your lap, he's happy.  Quite unusual in a kitten!