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 Pure Elegance and Devotion

Azima's Crystal Legacy of Bizans  



Bizans means "Byzantium" or "Byzantine" in Turkish (Byzance in French),
to reflect the origin and antiquity of our breed. 

Hello, and welcome to our website. 

I hope you will enjoy this photo collection and comments about 
our cats and kittens and consider the gift to yourself 
of living with the beauty and elegance, fun entertainment, and 
the love and devotion that only a Turkish Angora can give.

Changes to the design tools of this website provider are incompatible with the vision and ease of use I have enjoyed.  For the most recent photos and announcements, please visit our Facebook page under our name, Bizans Turkish Angoras.

 Bizans' Sweet William

"Twerp Boy," as he is affectionately called (a long story for another page someday), is our first (and so far only) Grand Premier (altered) in CFA, the Cat Fancier's Association.  At 4 years old, he still looks just as hand-some as in this photo, taken of him as a young adult.



 Currently we have two white kittens and a few young adults available for adoption.  They are all playful, funny, loving cats, and it's time for them to become the centers of other people's lives.   Here are a couple of photos of our precious kittens to pique your interest.  To see more photos of these sweet kittens an d other available cats, click here

Annie Oakley  (Annie)

 Zane Gray (Zane)

Reservation List

The Turkish Angora is a very distinct breed with many wonderful qualities that make them highly desired by people who want an elegant, natural breed of cat with good health, active intelligence, and devotion.  These qualities may make it difficult for one of the few active breeders of these rare cats to provide enough high quality kittens for companionship.  As a result, finding the right Turkish Angora companion may take months of searching.  Patience is usually rewarded, and the kitten, when found, is a joy to the new owner.

In order to alleviate the frustration of a long search, we would like to add you to our list of clients reserving 
the Turkish Angora kitten of their dreams.  You will be kept up to date with photos and videos so you can follow progress of your babies from the day of conception, through their earliest infancy to 4 months old, when they will be ready for your eager arms.  You are welcome to schedule a visit to our home to play and cuddle with your baby. 

Some of my breeder friends also have

Kittens and Young Adults Available!


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Some of our cats were TV stars!

Check out Animal Planet's "Cats-101" segment on Turkish Angoras

They were filmed at my mentor's home in early autumn of 2008.  

Notes regarding our cats on the segment are here.


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We are currently working on our permanent website, which will be
In the meantime, please enjoy this temporary site for photos and commentary about the cats and the breed's history and our own history.  We will try to keep up to date on news and status of our kittens and cats on our Facebook page under Bizans Turkish AngorasFeel free to call or email us with any questions about our exceptional

Turkish Angora Cats and Kittens!

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