Bizans Turkish Angoras


Bizans' Ferdinand MaGellin' 

UPDATE:  Our MaGellin' is now owned by a WONDERFUL professional photographer in Long Island, New York, USA.  I am leaving this page up so you can enjoy my humble photographs of our little guy.  Eventually, though, some photos on this page AND lots from his new owner will be featured on a new Bizans webpage where we will talk about how much

Kittenhood:  The Explorer Boys

MaGellin' is one of the four boys born to Emma (Azima's Emmaline of Bizans) and Byron (Azima's Lord Byron of Antioch) on February 22, 2009.  One of his brothers was consistently the FIRST to run out whenever the door opened to the kitten room, so eager to leave that room and go exploring the rest of the house.  I finally asked the little guy, "Who do you think you are?  Magellan?"  And the Explorer Boys theme for that litter was born. 

They were SO MUCH FUN!!!  

That first little eager beaver we named Leap Ericsson, and he sired several beautiful, loving little babies in the Netherlands.  His brothers were dubbed Antoine de Catillac, Pounce de Leon, and of course, Ferdinand MaGellin', whose laid-back character and humorous sleep habit (see below), where he's gellin', reminded me of the Dr. Scholl's TV commercials, particularly the one about the wedding:              

Adulthood - Grown into his own funny self

The photo below is our MaGellin' earning his name.  

      Now imagine him in this position stretched across me on the sofa.  Whenever I watch TV, MaGellin' will jump into my lap, do a quick little flip onto his back, look up at me adoringly with those outstanding eyes, then wriggle and push his back legs against my leg to  s-t-r-e-t-c-h  himself across the sofa arm, my arm, my lap, and off onto the sofa cushion.  Then as he falls asleep, he starts, well, o-o-o-oozing, like jelly or Silly Putty.  A friend calls this the Amoeba Syndrome.  He goes all limp and changes form and position, occasionally pushing against me to stretch even more, letting his head slowly f-a-l-l  b-a-c-k  as he sleeps, and somehow slowly o-o-oozing farther over the sofa arm -- until there's more of him hanging off than on the sofa, and suddenly falling off onto the floor!  Or he'll simply ooze down my lap and find himself on the floor at my feet.  Either way, he seems to wonder for a second how he got there and then, of course, jumps back onto my lap and repeats the exercise.  Such a silly, sweet, sweet boy! 

The photos below show most clearly his eye color.

Above is our boy being silly.   

To the left he is being gorgeous.

Both of these photos were taken on July 28, 2011. (The photo on the left is a bit grainy, but you can get the idea of "himself" looking deceptively regal.) 

Aren't these eyes BEAUTIFUL?  Imagine looking into those as he makes eyes at you -- just before he throws himself back and stretches, sleeps sweetly, and falls off the couch!  SO SWEET and funny!

MaGellin' is extra special to me.  We've spent many, many hours together on the sofa.  I watched TV while he practiced his best amoeba impression!  I will miss him very much, but I know his new owners will love and enjoy him as much as I do.