Bizans Turkish Angoras - Males

KatsNjazz Love Walked In of Bizans


Born 10/2/08

Oooooohhhh, this is our beautiful boy from Kathryn Amann, KatsNjazz Turkish Angoras, and now the father of a few litters.  Barb had borrowed Kathryn's boy named KatsNjazz' Lover Come Back ("Lover"), whom I returned to Kathryn after Barb died. Kathryn offered us a kitten of hers as an outcross to begin our new cattery -- a bright moment in such sad days, and so very generous.  

Kathryn suggested that his name be the Gershwins' song "Love Walked In" for a flip side of "Lover Come Back"!  So Lover Come Back came back to Kathryn, and Love Walked In our door! Perfect!  (I love the stories of cats' names and thought you, reader, might enjoy this one.)  Someday I really want a blue-eyed white from KatsNjazz to name Rhapsody in Blue, my favorite piece by my favorite composer, that I played on the piano in my high school years.

Walker has been our stud boy for our gorgeous color girls.  He's the ideal Turkey white, and he has those stunning bright eyes and a loving, sweet disposition to pass along to progeny and give to his future home for life.  

After he charms the last two girls on his "dance card," Walker will be retired to some lucky family, though it breaks my heart to think about it.  He is a sweet, fun, playful guy I so wish I could keep!  You can see formal photos of him here

Zerrin Paren


Bastra's Sen Zerrin of Bizans

Born 7/11/2010

June Edwards and Angela Varesano, of Bastra Cattery, graciously gave me this wonderful little boy, whom we named to follow their garden theme names for his litter.  Sen (actually șen in Turkish, pronounced shen) means "merry" and Zerrin means "gold" and "jonquil"!   He's 1/4 Russian, so he speaks with a bit of an accent.  And the fur coat?!?  To die for!

Zerrin was born just a couple of months before our Latte and Red Star, so he plays wiser, older brother to those two.  Flash accepted him as another kitten immediately.  Thank heaven!

Zerrin is so funny!  Whenever we walk by or put a hand out, he loves to flop into his side and S T R E T C H, arching his back and turning himself into a giant parenthesis, just begging to have his tummy rubbed -- and I think just plain showing off because no one else can do it so elegantly as he can!  Maybe he's doing a Bolshoi ballet dancer thing.

He is in the process of "dating," and we will see what beautiful babies he can produce.  Then later Zerrin will be looking for a wonderful new, forever home.  Lucky home, because he is such a sweetie.  In the meantime, we're enjoying this little clown SO MUCH!